When to travel

The area is interesting and worth a visit in all seasons. The most suitable time for cycling, water sports and outdoor activities spans from mid-May to the beginning of October. May is probably the ultimate choice for this adventure – think lush green meadows, blossoming fruit trees and moderate temperatures.

The peak season is in Summer; but even the summer heat is easily bearable with the cooling headwinds in your face, and of course both the rivers and the swimming lakes offer plenty of opportunities for a refreshing dip along the way – where allowed.

Be sure to check the weather report for afternoon showers, so you can set off a little earlier in the morning if need be. In the summer, due to the heat, we recommend carrying out activities in the morning or in the afternoon.

Don’t forget about rehydration and always have enough liquid with you. Autumn with crisp, refreshing air, forests bursting with colour, pleasantly cool temperatures can be also a fantastic time for a journey on the Amazon of Europe, as long as you come well-prepared for the lower temperatures. In winter keep in mind that some attractions are closed.