Bike Trail

Treat yourself to a meaningful cycling holiday, relax and just enjoy the moment!

Amazon of Europe Bike Trail is an international long-distance cycling trail offering a unique opportunity for cycling holidays, following the natural meanders of the rivers Mura, Drava, and Danube, for over 1,250 km.

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Individual tour

18-day programme
AT – SI – HR – RS – HU

Thru Biking South Route Tour

Begin an extraordinary cycling adventure of a lifetime. This 18-day journey takes you through 16 stages of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail, covering a total of 700 kilometers.

 From 989 € per person

Individual tour

13-day programme
AT – SI – HR – HU

Thru Biking North Route Tour

Imagine pedaling through the stunning landscapes of Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, and Croatia, as you conquer the entire 11-stage Amazon of Europe Bike Trail on North Route, covering a thrilling 550 kilometers.

From 749 € per person

Individual tour

8-day programme
AT – SI – HU – HR

Round trip West

Get ready to pedal your way through the enchanting landscapes of Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary on an 8-day cycling adventure that starts in Mureck, Austria.

 From 649 € per person

Individual tour

7-day programme
HR – RS – HU

Round trip East

Pack your sense of adventure and your best bike shorts because you are going on a whirlwind ride through the charming landscapes of Croatia, Serbia, and Hungary, where the Drava and Danube rivers meet.

From 389 € per person

Group tour

8. 5. 2024 – 19. 5. 2024
AT – SI – HR – HU

Nature Bike Tour

How best to experience and understand this natural gem? By cycling. Join us on a 12-day bike ride through endless floodplains and picturesque cultural landscapes in 5 countries.

From 1.995 € per person

Group tour

22. 5. 2024 – 25. 5. 2024
4. 10. 2024 – 8. 10. 2024
HR – RS – HU

Round trip through 3 countries in the Eastern wilderness

By joining our short adventure cycling tour, you will get a chance to experience the most hidden, untamed, yet beautiful and captivating part of Amazon of Europe Bike Trail – the Eastern part.

From 639 € per person