Untouched by Light

Service provider

Radgonske gorice d.o.o.


Gornja Radgona, Slovenia

Flavour explosion in complete darkness

Can you imagine a flavour explosion in complete darkness? In Gornja Radgona you can taste the unique sparkling wine Untouched by Light, which is the first sparkling wine in the world produced in total darkness.  It must also be tasted in a unique way. That is why Radgonske gorice have prepared a unique type of tasting, with which they want to ensure two important things at the same time. The goal is to limit the access of light to the sparkling wine so that the first sip you take is truly authentic and untouched by light, and at the same time to sharpen your senses, so that you can better perceive the nuances of flavours while the sparkling wine in the glass in front of you changes with the presence of light.

What awaits for you

  • Tour of the Pod rimskim kolesom and Pod slapom cellars.
  • Tasting the Zlata Radgonska penina sparkling wine.
  • Visiting the Pod skalo cellar and learning about the Untouched by Light sparkling wine.
  • Tasting the Untouched by Light sparkling wine in complete darkness.


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