Once upon a time – The life and food habits of the “Šokci” people

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PG Mali Bodrog


Bački Monoštor, Serbia

Travel to the early days – experience how life was lived in the good old days

In this Amazing Moment you will experience how the local people lived hundreds of years ago in the ethnic house “Mali Bodrog” in the village of Bački Monoštor and learn how to prepare a traditional local dish from scratch.

What awaits for you

  • Warm welcome and story about the history of the house and village of Bački Monoštor
  • Traditional food and drinks
  • Culinary course: fish or chicken stew and making the traditional pasta for the stew


This Amazing moment is not included in any package right now. If you would like to experience it, we would be happy to include it in packages below. Get in touch with us for personalized offer.

9-day programme
AT – SI – HR – HU

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8-day programme
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Travel experience that perfectly combines the personality of the local people with their different cultures as well as the varied landscape.

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X-day programme
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Custom made package

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