From vineyards to Drava jungle – a week in Eastern Amazon of Europe

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3. 6. 2024 - 9. 6. 2024
28. 8. 2024 - 3. 9. 2024



Személyenként 939 €-tól

Mi vár rád?

  • 6 overnight stays in quality-checked partner accommodations with breakfast.
  • Luggage transfer.
  • Authentic local experiences (culinary, nature & culture; optional).
  • Jungle tour in the beautiful floodplain of Drava.
  • Devil’s shaft tour in the Villány region with wine tasting.
  • Tour guide.
  • Supporting bus with bicycle trailer.
  • Tour organization
  • Idegenforgalmi adók.
  • Entrance to the Siklós castle.

Nem tartalmazza:

  • Half-board.
  • Travel insurance (obligatory).
  • Entrance to the Szaporca information center.
  • 7th overnight in Osijek – upon request in double room (65 €).

Utazási útvonal

Arrival individually to the capital of Slavonia, the charming city of Osijek

At 5 p.m. the tour guide will welcome you at the centrally located boutique hotel in the old town. Then take a tour of the historic old town. Osijek is the largest city in Eastern Croatia on the banks of Drava River.

Start our journey in the Osijek Old Town – Tvrđa which is the best preserved and largest ensemble of Baroque buildings in Croatia with the Habsburg star fort built on the right bank of the Drava River. Visiting the Upper City with the main square, the late Gothic Cathedral, historical buildings, fancy shops, restaurants and taste the famous Croatian coffee dinner in the historical quarter.

Osijek – Villány: 55 km

We start our cycling holidays through Osijek, leaving this charming city via the shiny Pedestrian Bridge continue on the Drava dyke. Our tour takes us on a dirt road along the floodplain forest near Belišće.

Entering Hungary, we will enter the famous Villany wine-growing area stopping at the Statue Park of the Danube-Drava National Park. Here we hike up to the Panorama view promenade and have the breath-taking view over the Drava floodplain as far as the Slavonian Papuk mountains. In Villány we can participate on a Devil’s shaft adrenaline tour among the most hidden part of the wine region with fantastic small routes and outlook points. Here we have a wine tasting in the most authentic environment.

Villány –  Szaporca: 38 km (Jungle tour) or paddling on Fekete-víz

After leaving Villány we cycle to Siklós visiting the castle which is one of the best-preserved castle in Hungary.

Continue south to the Drava and cycling in a beautiful area in the Amazon of Europe. Feel free to stop whenever and enjoy this wonderful area. The route leads you along, following the waterflow of Fekete-víz blending into the Drava River before reaching your destination, Szaporca. Here we participate in a real jungle tour in the floodplain forest, fantastic experience seeing wildlife and hidden sandbanks of the Drava.

Szaporca – Drávatamási/Kastélyosdombó: 51 km

Today our tour starts from Szaporca and it leads you through the “enchanting Ormánság”, one of Hungary’s most isolated and depopulated areas. This area is dominated by the vicinity of the Drava River as most of the route stretches along the river.

Lunch spot is in Dravasztára in an authentic Croatian restaurant. The tour leads us along good quality asphalted roads where you can explain spots like the coffered-ceiling catholic church in Potony, or Kastélyosdombó our destination for the day.

Kastélyosdombó – Noskovci: 72 km

Today we cycle on the most beautiful stretch of the cycling route along the Drava from Dravatamási to Barcs. There are a lot of outlook points to the river. Cross the bridge at Barcs and enter Croatia once again. The route finishes in Noskovci, which is located in Virovitica-Podravina County and is only a few kilometres away from the entrance to Osijek – Baranya County, near the small village of Gezinci.

Noskovci – Belišće: 75 km

Trail begins in Noskovci. This is also the longest route of this section of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail. However, 74.12 kilometres of lowland route will be easy to handle for advanced cyclists. The section is located entirely in the Mura-Drava Regional Park, which joins the Kopački rit Nature Park to the east. The best of Drava River.

Continue your cycle tour and experience many natural beauties such as floodplain forests and effluents of the Drava, joining into the majestic lowland river uninfluenced by manmade structures. You will enjoy the popular meanders – the winding trough of the Drava River that curves in the shape of the letter S. Also, your attention at many locations throughout the section of the route will be caught by sand and gravel bars and islands as well as eroded steep riverbanks, so seldomly seen on European rivers encroached by humans, but indicating the intactness of each river where they appear.

Belišće – Osijek: 32 km

Start our journey in the small and interesting town of Belišće and continue your ride to the town of Valpovo where we can enjoy sightseeing the castle with a living history of Families Prandau and Normann. After Valpovo we will discover some of the most picturesque villages of North Croatia, and finally arrive back to the largest city in the eastern Croatia – Osijek.

The accommodation here is optional either you can stay the nights here or you can leave individually back home.

Meet your guide

Meet Eszter Gyöngyösi, an architect driven by a relentless passion for discovery and adventure. With a lifelong dedication to sports and an innate curiosity for the world, Eszter’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. From her early days exploring the countryside to guiding eager travelers through the intricate landscapes of her homeland, Eszter’s love for exploration knows no bounds.

Joining our team in 2023, Eszter brings with her a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence. As an engineer, she tackles challenges with precision and determination, fearlessly fixing bikes and ensuring every detail of your journey is meticulously planned.

But it’s not just her expertise that sets Eszter apart; it’s her warmth, kindness, and unwavering spirit of adventure that truly make her shine. From the sun-kissed shores of Portugal to the rugged beauty of Georgia, Eszter has led travelers on unforgettable journeys, weaving together stories of culture, history, and discovery.

So, whether you’re embarking on your first adventure or seeking to discover new horizons, rest assured, you’re in capable hands with Eszter as your guide. Get ready to ignite your sense of wonder and embark on a journey of a lifetime with Eszter by your side.

Eszter Gyöngyösi wit hher bike

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