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Unforgettable 8-Day cycling journey through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia & Hungary!

Get ready to pedal your way through the enchanting landscapes of Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary on an 8-day cycling adventure that starts in Mureck, Austria.

Along the way, you’ll explore charming towns, indulge in thermal relaxation, and tantalize your taste buds with exquisite local cuisine.

Your journey culminates in a return to Mureck on day eight, leaving you with memories of this bike-riding escapade along the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail that are as unforgettable as the soreness in your legs!

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  • 7 noćenja u partnerskim smještajima provjerene kvalitete.
    • Category: Classic, Comfort (where available).
    • Boarding: Breakfast (Half Board – optional).
  • Amazon of Europe Bike Trail “Cycle for Nature Programme” donation fee.
  • Transfer prtljage od etape do etape (opcionalno).
  • Trail Hotline 7/12 (Kingfisherova usluga).
  • Produžene putne isprave (usluga Kingfisher).
  • Najam bicikla (opcionalno).
  • Autentična lokalna iskustva - kulinarika, priroda i kultura (opcionalno).

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Itinerer putovanja

Usluge: Kingfisherova usluga, smještaj i obroci u odabranoj kategoriji

Stage N1

Usluge: Kingfisherova usluga, smještaj i obroci u odabranoj kategoriji, najam bicikla (opcionalno), prijenos prtljage (opcionalno)

Embark on a scenic cycling journey on a daily stage N1 from Mureck to Murska Sobota, starting at the Mureck Ship Mill, one of Central Europe’s last floating ship mills. Follow well-marked trails through charming Austrian villages to Bad Radkersburg, passing by lakes Röck am See and Liebmann See. To enjoy the view on both sides of the Mura River, go up the Murturm (Mura Tower) in Griesweg. Along the way, enjoy sightings of wildlife like rabbits, herons, ducks, storks and more. Stop at Bad Radkersburg for a delightful cycling break and some invigorating refreshment, then continue cycling across the border.

As you reach Murska Sobota, prepare for an unforgettable overnight stay in the 170-year-old Prekmurje homestead, where history meets hospitality. The boutique hotel offers a glimpse into the past, and its restaurant, with a slightly younger history, promises a delightful culinary experience.

The cycling adventure on the first day offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, history, local charm, and a cozy retreat in a historic setting.

Stage N2

Usluge: Kingfisherova usluga, smještaj i obroci u odabranoj kategoriji, najam bicikla (opcionalno), prijenos prtljage (opcionalno)

Fuel up with a heartfelt, homemade breakfast, embraced by warm and friendly locals.

Your adventure begins on daily stage N2 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail, starting at the Expano Pavilion in Murska Sobota. Pedal through Bakovci en route to Dokležovje, and for a deeper taste of the region, consider delightful detours: visit fields of narcissus and the Island of Love (find more information here). You can also spice up your journey with a stop at Beltinci Castle for a dose of history and culture. This stage offers scenic beauty, cultural insights, and the option to extend your adventure southward.

Continue your escapade as you explore the traditional Brickmakers’ Settlement in Melinci. As you approach Lendava, the excitement keeps rolling – take a break at Terme Lendava spa, delve into history at the Holy Trinity church, and relish the Lendava vineyards’ beauty.

The grand finale? Reach the Vinarium Tower for breathtaking panoramic views of the hilly terrain.

Feeling adventurous? Discover alternative routes along the Mura River and Croatia’s border, and don’t forget to savor local wine shops and the heartfelt hospitality of tourist farms along the way. Get ready to pedal into an unforgettable experience!

Stage N3

Usluge: Kingfisherova usluga, smještaj i obroci u odabranoj kategoriji, najam bicikla (opcionalno), prijenos prtljage (opcionalno)

Imagine a day immersed in the embrace of nature! Begin your morning with a hearty breakfast at a modern hotel overlooking vineyards. Your adventure kicks off in Lendava, Slovenia, on the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail.

As you pedal through breathtaking landscapes, surrounded by lakes and golden canola fields, every revolution of your bicycle’s wheels becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of your unforgettable journey. Pause at the tranquil Lendvadedes lake, a haven of serenity nestled in nature.

Continue your nature-inspired journey to Lenti, where the allure of a spa awaits. Explore charming villages, a castle, and even a fig orchard with sweeping natural vistas.

The trail leads you to Kerkaszentkirály, a peaceful village centered around a pristine lake, perfect for water tourism and canoe adventures. Finally, you arrive in Letenye, where you can unwind amidst local culture, all while cherishing the natural beauty that has surrounded you throughout the day.

As the day draws to a close, the owners of the guesthouse are waiting for you with heartwarming smiles at their guesthouse in Tótszerdahely, where you are promised a good rest. This day promises a tapestry of natural wonders, so keep that water bottle filled and your snacks ready to ensure you stay refreshed while immersing yourself in the beauty of the great outdoors!

Stage N4

Usluge: Kingfisherova usluga, smještaj i obroci u odabranoj kategoriji, najam bicikla (opcionalno), prijenos prtljage (opcionalno)

Day 5 of your cycling adventure connects you with the official Amazon of Europe Bike Trail for most of the route. After crossing the border, your first pit stop awaits at Zelengaj Izletište, a delightful spot for a coffee or snack, recharging your energy for the day’s discoveries.

Explore the archaeological park Nekropola in Goričan, where Iron Age burial mounds hold captivating stories. Engage in an archaeologist-led workshop to experience hands-on excavation and delve into the past. Make sure to arrange this immersive adventure in advance.

Amidst your exploration of Nekropola, don’t overlook the tranquil excursion point by picturesque Lake Šoderica, where you can unwind, take in the natural beauty, and spot local wildlife, including charming turtles.

Consider a detour to the majestic Mura-Drava confluence before concluding your day’s adventure. Then, head to a comfortable hotel by Lake Dubrava for a well-deserved and rejuvenating night’s sleep, preparing for the next leg of your remarkable cycling expedition.

Day 5 promises a blend of history, adventure, scenic beauty, wildlife encounters, and a touch of nature’s marvels, making it an unforgettable chapter in your cycling journey.

Stage N5

Usluge: Kingfisherova usluga, smještaj i obroci u odabranoj kategoriji, najam bicikla (opcionalno), prijenos prtljage (opcionalno)

On this leg of your cycling adventure, you’ll navigate through a series of delightful villages starting from Prelog, passing through Čehovec and Palinovec. While these villages may not boast sweeping landscapes, they offer a unique glimpse into local life and culture.

Don’t forget to explore the Memorial Park of the first oil spring in Peklenica, discover the Miner’s town of Mursko Središće, visit the Visitor Centre Med dvemi vodami in Križovec, and enjoy the scenic countryside as you pedal through these charming villages.

A highlight of the day is coming to the Mill on Mura in Žabnik, an historic gem that beckons exploration. Later in the day, you’ll have the pleasure of staying in the first Healthness resort in Europe in Sveti Martin na Muri, where relaxation and rejuvenation await.

Day 6 promises a cycling journey filled with cultural experiences and unique stopovers, making it an integral part of your adventure.

Stage N6

Usluge: Kingfisherova usluga, smještaj i obroci u odabranoj kategoriji, najam bicikla (opcionalno), prijenos prtljage (opcionalno)

Your cycling adventure on reverse daily stage S2 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail begins in the scenic village of Mursko Središće. As you pedal through the charming landscape of Hlapičina, rest your eyes on the picturesque surroundings and savor the serene beauty of the region.

This day’s journey offers fewer kilometers of cycling, allowing for more exploration and leisure. You have the option to visit the new lookout tower on Mađerka Hill in Robadje, where you can soak in breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Here, take a moment to relax and enjoy a sip of Međimurje wine or champagne, adding a touch of local indulgence to your adventure.

Your route takes you through Lapšina, where you’ll experience history up close as you pass the prehistoric settlement of Gradišče. As you cross the border into Croatia and make your way to Mursko Središće, you’ll continue your cycling tour through the captivating village of Šafarsko, exploring its cultural and natural heritage, savoring culinary delights, and reveling in the breathtaking landscape where the rivers Ščavnica and Mura intersect and merge into the larger Mura.

As the day draws to a close, you’ll have the opportunity to rest and recharge at a nearby tourist farm located conveniently close to the thermal baths. This tranquil retreat provides the perfect setting for relaxation after a day of exploration and cycling.

Stage N7

Services: Kingfisher’s service, bike rental (optional), luggage transfer (optional), individual departure

The last day of your cycling adventure on the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail is here, commencing in Banovci, renowned for its thermal water and spa, providing a serene place for relaxation.

As you pedal through the tranquil village of Veržej, take a moment to explore the Slovenian heritage at the Craft center DUO or make your own piece of art from clay. The route leads you through natural wonders like the Lisjakova struga Forest Park and idyllic villages such as Mele and Šratovci.

Continuing onward, you’ll arrive in Radenci, famous for its sparkling water. In Gornja Radgona, you can savor sparkling wine and embark on an exciting tour in the dark “Untouched by Light.” Cross the bridge to Bad Radkersburg and journey through picturesque villages like Podgrad and Lutverci.

Along the way, you’ll encounter captivating sights such as the Freudenau baroque manor and the scenic “Cycling Bridge” in Črnci (the Mura bridge for cyclists and pedestrians). Cycling through Žepovci, Spodnje Konjišče, and Gubčeva road, you’ll eventually reach the bridge connecting Trate and Mureck. Your cycling odyssey culminates in Mureck, where you have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the Mura river one last time.

Throughout this stage, you’ve immersed yourself in the remarkable landscapes, heritage, and natural wonders of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail in reverse, creating cherished memories and thus concludes your remarkable eight-day round trip spanning four countries.

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