Experience west side of Amazon of Europe


8-day programme


AT – SI – HR

From 1.229 € per person

Travel experience that perfectly combines the personality of the local people with their different cultures as well as the varied landscape

The package allows you to immerse yourself in the culture and local cuisine as well as in the nature of the countries Austria, Slovenia and Croatia in a unique way and to experience traditional crafts.

The Amazon of Europe Bike Trail is known for its seemingly endless kilometers of cycling across the UNESCO 5-country biosphere reserve. But for those of us who want to experience more than just the pleasure of cycling, we have something unique to offer. Experiences range from a fantastic dinner at one of Austria’s last river mills, over the art of traditional corn paper weaving in Slovenia, to bird watching with a nature park ranger in Croatia. As a final highlight, a sparkling wine tasting awaits which has never been offered anywhere else in the world like this before. All this while enjoying the western stages of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail within a circular route

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