Taste the unique nature-given treasures on the east side of the Amazon of Europe


8-day programme


HR – HU – RS

From 950 € per person

Enrich your cycling experience with Amazing moments

Start your adventure in Osijek, where the Amazing moment – Historic city tour through Osijek will provide the most authentic experience of this wonderful city. During the trip, get to know Erdut, a wine region with wonderful views and stop in Apatin. Apatin is a small harbor town where even time stands still. Get to know the flavors of nature and local food here. The route also takes you to Sombor and Mohacs, and in addition to beautiful scenery and unspoiled nature, you can enjoy local specialties, get to know the locals and their way of life. End the trip in the best possible way, with a water tour and Kopački Rit – the best way to experience nature face to face.

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