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Amazon of Europe is a leading sustainable cross-border tourism destination, preserving the natural and cultural heritage in its area and inviting its explorers to slow down along the mighty rivers, reconnect with nature and recharge their batteries through amazing green local stories. It offers comfortable adventures on the river, cycling and forest paths combined with authentic local natural, cultural, and culinary experiences. It has its own AoE Booking Center that will design a custom-made package for you and provide support on every step of your (transformational) journey.

Spanning across border regions of Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia, the lower courses of the Drava and Mura rivers and related sections of the Danube are among Europe’s most ecologically important riverine areas: the so-called “Amazon of Europe”.

The rivers form 700 kilometres long green belt connecting almost 8.499,28 km² of highly valuable natural and cultural landscapes from all five countries and shall therefore become a symbol of unity by becoming world´s first five country Transboundary UNESCO Biosphere Reserve “Mura-Drava-Danube”.

The area represents the largest and most preserved free-flowing river system in Central Europe. Pristine natural beauty, endangered habitats and diverse cultural traditions have enormous potential for sustainable tourism, while underdeveloped border regions face lack of capacities, unemployment and emigration.

When to travel

The area is interesting and worth a visit in all seasons. The most suitable time for cycling, water sports and outdoor activities spans from mid-May to the beginning of October.



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History & Culture

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